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Update and Two week look ahead


Crew #2 sampling temporary water main and starting house connections in Phase 1 (Newport Road to Parkside Road).


  • Crew #1 - Continue Phase 3 laterals and temporary pave.
  • Crew #2 - Finish temporary water in Phase 1, begin mainline installation from Newport Road towards Pleasant Street, and temporary pave.


  • Crew #1 - Remove temporary water from Phase 3, begin permanent clean up in Phase 3 where needed.
  • Crew #2 - Continue water main installation in Phase 1 and temporary pave.

Two week look ahead for the Main Street Project

July 1 - 5

Crew #1- Work on services in phase 3 (Squires to Pleasant)

 Crew #2 - Finish temp water in Phase 1 (Newport Int to Parkside)

 Pave all gravel trenches.

 Crews will be done working by noon on 7/3 and back to work Monday 7/8

Have a happy and safe 4th of July

July 8th-12th

Crew #1 - Work on services in phase 3

Temporary pave on Friday

Crew #2  to sample temporary water main in phase 1 and start house connections

Start water main when all residents are connected to temporary water main.

Everett Park water

During a scheduled water shut off this morning the crew ran into unforeseen issues. In order to complete the intended work today part of Everett Park (up to Williams Street) will need to be shut down until noon. The crews are doing everything they can to have the water turned back on with little inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

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